For detailled information please follow the link in the numbers of the first column. Projects with IT focus are marked in red.
Project List  
Nr.   Controlling Industry
100   Implementation of a national controlling and management information system Utility/Waste Management and Energy
101   Implementation of an international controlling and management information system  Mechanical Engineering
102   Set-up of controlling, strategic planning, risk management Services
103   Set-up of an international management reporting and corporate controlling Plant Construction
104   Set-up of a management reporting and planning for a South African subsidiary Plant Construction
105   Set-up of a construction controlling and implementation of a business intelligence tool Plant Construction
106   Set-up of an international management reporting in Asia/Pacific Sanitary Ware
107   Support within a corporate controlling department and team coaching Mechanical Engineering
Nr.   Accounting Industry
200   Reorganization of an international accounting, set-up of a group consolidation Mechanical Engineering
201   Reengineering SAP R/3, business process reengineering Mechanical Engineering
202   Implementation of a group consolidation (IBM Cognos) Sanitary Ware
Nr.   Finance Industry
300   Implementation of cash management, SAP treasury and liquidity planning  Mechanical Engineering/Plant Construction
301   Set-up of a cash management  and essential enhancement of cash flows Mechanical Engineering
302   Financial management of a real estate construction project (new construction) Services
303   Financial management of a real estate construction project (reconstruction/extension) Services
304   Working capital optimization: Set-up of an international factoring Packaging
305   Implementing of a cash pooling, SAP treasury, cash forecast, sales financing Packaging
Nr.   Organization Industry
400   Business process optimization/restructuring Utility/Waste Management and Energy
401   Set up of waste water sector  Utility/Waste Management and Energy
402   Essential cost reduction in overhead Mechanical Engineering
403   Reorganization of finance department, HR and facility management  Services
404   Outsourcing of the internal mail services Services
405   Restructuring of a catering company linked with staff reduction Catering
406   Strategic realignment Services
407   Development of Guideline for the decision making process on huge projects Mechanical Engineering
408   Restructuring control of a hotel group Hotel
409   Support in reorganization of a division  Services
Nr.   M&A Industry
500   Acquisition of a continues casting plant manufacturer Plant Construction
501   Acquisition of IT service companies  Utility/Waste Management and Energy
502   Sale of a catering company Catering
503   Sale of a hotel group Hotel